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In roughly poured Soviet concrete slabs, the life is still streaming. We are talking about the places, which don’t have very long history; in spite of this fact, the strong temper of these places is sharply distinguishable. How is social life in rude Stalin’s Neo-renaissance? The Capital of Georgia is noticeably full of such images, it is hard to avoid them (Locally the architecture is called “Khrushcev’s houses”)

Ambitious, monumental and brutal volumes give special emotions about the past socialist realism especially in sense of today alternation and intuition of the future changes. It’s not common to see different Georgian regions, mountainous, rocky relief, which used to be filled with vernacular churches or two storey traditional houses, nowadays interchanged by tall rigid “Manhattanstyle” Soviet architecture.


Blocks in Saburtalo District


The strong identity of the place gives the feeling of sudden changes, the image of intersection of two cultures. 

This whole situation is very interesting because it’s already happened, the History is written. It’s very deep subject to have a discussion about, even if common sense about all this can be only one, lots of different ideas and perceptions are still coming out.

I exposed  few shots, which clearly describes the social life of  various suburbs in Tbilisi.

It tells itself about the changes of  social life and describes the times we are living now. 


Soviet houses in city center of Tbilisi







Photo gallery belongs to Ivane & Nikoloz Ksnelashvili

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  1.   egle_medis rašė:

    i´ll try to make a responding post with images from Portugal. in some cases (not all) the views have something in common..

  2.   sm rašė:

    Egle, that would be really great. we usually see nice part of the city when we travel- suburbia remains unfelt. Would be really great to see some pictures!

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